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19 June 2014 @ 07:36 pm

✤ Sales Policy & Terms and Conditions ✤
Please Read Before Ordering!

Feedback Here (100% Positive)


No holds without valid reason
✤ But, payment plans or lay-by options are available. Please ask.
Payment within 24 hours. If payment is not received by then, the items are put back up for sale or for the next person on the waiting list
✤ If there are any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am really understanding of personal and financial issues, so if anything comes up or you feel something may come up, please let me know so I can make note of it.
Please be sure to specify if you're interested in a quote or ordering, as backing out or failure to complete an order may result in negative feedback.
Refunds, replacement, and exchanges are not accepted if you change your mind. Refunds, replacement and exchanges are accepted if the wrong item is sent; please keep your order and package (incl. packaging such as the box/envelope it was sent in etc.) intact so that it may be returned in the case of refund or exchange
✤ Clover Sales reserves the right to refuse sales and service without giving reason.
✤ Clover Sales reserves the right to change policy and terms of sale at any time without notice.
✤ By using Clover Sales you agree and accept all Sales Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please do not use Clover Sales if you do not agree with the Sales Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Payment &

Australian Customers: Paypal (preferred) / Bank Transfer / Money Order
International Customers: Paypal Only
Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY)
Paypal: 'Gift' option preferred, but if paying via 'Goods' please specify
Service fee: The service fee accounts for default packaging and handling costs on orders. Fees vary depending on the size of the order and is charged on all Goods payment. However the store service fees are discounted from Gift payments.
✤ Payments made via 'Goods' payment on Paypal can only be shipped to the registered Name and Address listed on Paypal. Please make sure your information is up to date and that you are using your own account.
✤ Note: If making goods payment, please make sure to purchase additional insurance options.
✤ Payment within 24 hours of invoice, unless otherwise organised.

From Australia
International customers welcome.
But please be aware that shipping overseas may be higher. Pricier shipping is for items that are bulky and are denoted with [P]. Though, the weight limit for packages is high so the more items you get, you can save on shipping as there is a flat rate for the first 500g / 1.1lb / 17.63oz.
[F] - Flat packages:
Will be shipped via envelope or satchel (please ask if you would like extra protection such as cardboard/bubble-wrap)
[P] - Bulky packages:
Will be shipped via satchel or box with bubble-wrap. If you would like it shipped in a box, please specify as it would incur extra fee to supply the box. However, please keep in mind some items will require new packaging regardless (i.e. posters require poster tubes).
& Costs

Shipping options:
-- [Default] Airmail: Regular shipping, averages 5-10 working days
-- Seamail: Cheaper, but much slower at shipping delivery taking 2-3 months
-- Priority mail services: Please enquire.
-- Registered Mail: Additional $6 extra on regular shipping.
-- Insurance Mail: Additional cost in addition to shipping. Price varies depending on the order; please enquire for more information.

Additional packaging options:
-- Bubble wrap $0.50
-- Cardboard backing $0.50
-- Plastic $0.50
-- Shipped in Box (Price varies on size)
-- Poster tube $2.50

[F] - Flat Type item shipping starting prices:
-- To within Australia - $1
-- To Asia - $2
-- To America - $3
-- To Europe - $3

[P] - Package Type item shipping starting prices:
(Please note, if your item is a [P] type and incurs the higher shipping cost, it would be better to get multiple items as the shipping costs go by weight categories and the first default price category has a large allowance at 500g / 1.1lb / 17.63oz.)
--To within Australia - $8
-- To Asia/Pacific - $15
-- To North America - $15
-- To Europe - $19

Current Location: Australia

✤ Feedback ✤

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